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George the Victorious, the Great, and the Glorious

Name: George Elfen Lied *UA

Birth date: 17.09.2014
Color: DRX o 03 24 (cinnamon tabby bicolor)
Father: Lirika`s Conan Doyle, DRX d 03 22 (red classic bicolor),
owner: O. Skirta, Harmony Team *UA
Mother: Coram Elfen Lied * UA, DRX n 24 (black spotted tabby)

Blood type: A/A

Pedigree and gene test here.

Our Bright Butterfly

Name: Baileys Cream Mariposa

Birth date: 1.04.2015
Color: DRX f 03 21  32 (black tortoise bicolor mink)
Father: Coro`s Harry, DRX b 03 21 32 (chocolate tabby bicolor mink)
Mother: Cleo Wing Pikcy DRX f 24 (black  spotted tortoise)

Breeder: S. Lyalyuk
Owner: I. Burak

Blood type: A/B

Tender Flower

Name: Margarita BaMadame

Birth date: 21.11.2014
Color: DRX  f 03  24 (brown tortoise tabby spotted bicolor)
Father: Jesterex Cashmere of Lirika, DRX d 24
Mother: Lirika`s Madame Butterfly DRX f 03 23

Breeder: M. Bedneva
Owner: I. Burak

Blood type:  A/B


Name: Fiorentina Viola Harmony Team*UA

Birth date: 24.01.2015
Color: DRX q 24 (cinnamon  spotted tortoise)
Father: Lirika`s Conan Doyle, DRX d 03 22 (red classic tabby)
Mother: Evora Cezaria, DRX n (black)

Breeder: O. Skirta
Owner: I. Burak

Blood type: A/B

Silver Lady

Name: Estee Lauder Elfen Lied *UA

Birth date: 13.09.2013
Color: DRX ns 24 (silver tabby spotted)
Father: Vincent Piakriks, DRX n 21 32 (black tabby mink),
owner: A. Ivanova   “Piakriks” Moskow
Mother: Kara Melia Antariys, DRX gs 23
(silver  blue cream tortoise macrel)

Breeder: I. Burak
Owner: I. Burak

Blood type: B

Pedigree here.