Elfen Lied Cattery

Our mission is to spread beauty across the word

Welcome to our small family of devon cats. We call our home “Elfen Lied” Cattery that means “elven song” in German. We took this name as we believe that we are the most beautiful creatures in the world. Some of us have soft curly hair, some — small snubby nose, others — vast pointed ears but some of us got all the best and even gained international recognition: we are “party animals” and like to go out and take part in cat shows.

Our cattery appeared in 2011 in beautiful Ukraine but we love to travel, and now you can find our fellows all over Ukraine and in many European and Russian cities. Despite the distance, we continue to care about each other and try to stay in touch and share new — as we do have much to say!

In our family we spread love and kindness. Our mommy, Irina, is the most caring and loving human being ever: she sometimes takes us to the doctor’s but we know it’s for good so that we stay healthy and happy. But what we like the most is that she always pampers us and entertains with delicacies, like fresh meat and farmer cheese.

We are a very friendly family and are glad to make new friends. So please don’t hesitate and give us a call!

Our cattery is registered in Winner Cat Club and FIFE system and abides by their rules.